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Building a Flyers Softball Team Like Dean Lombardi

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On Friday, current Kings GM and former Flyers Assistant GM Dean Lombardi gave some choice words for deadline acquisition Dustin Penner. In an email to the Hockey News, Lombardi said:

"Dustin [Penner] is at the crossroads of his career. He can choose to use his athletic ability to either become a dominant power forward in the National Hockey League or be a dominant number four hitter for the El Cid Lounge in a men’s softball league — the choice is his."

In response, Battle of California brilliantly put together an L.A. Kings softball team. In a bit of Memorial Day Weekend whimsy, we'll steal that idea and build a team for the Flyers.

1. Ville Leino, 2B

Can't play defense and has to always start in best position to score. Too easy.

2. Danny Briere, RC

Small, fast, defensive liability equals top of the order and away from most batted balls.

3. Claude Giroux, SS

One of the best all around players? Easy decision in the heart of the order and in the heart of the infield.

4. Chris Pronger, 1B

Power hitter, intimidating presence at First, and elbows for close plays at the bag.

5. Andrej Meszaros, LF

Big hitter, protection for Pronger, but doesn't have to face the toughest defensive assignments.

6. Jeff Carter, 3B

Good on both offense and defense, so he plays the hot corner to be closer to the stands.

7. Jody Shelley, P

Would you want to try to hit Shelley?

8. Mike Richards, RF

No heart, no desire, hide him in the lineup and on the field.

9. Scott Hartnell, C

Since he can't stand up anyway, may as well have him halfway on the ground already.

10. Darroll Powe, LC

Need speed and defense in center, can work around his hands.