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Tuesday Morning Fly By: Back From Holiday

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Today's open discussion thread, complete with your daily dose of Philadelphia Flyers news and notes...

  • Paul Holmgren gave an interview to Chuck Gormley, and it resulted in a great article: [Courier-Post]
  • First, Travis wrote about what it could mean: [Broad Street Hockey]
  • Then, I wrote about what it could mean: [SB Nation Philly]
  • A profile of Joacim Eriksson: [Flyers Faithful]
  • James van Riemsdyk is planning to have a working summer: [Daily News]
  • Question: Would you rather re-sign Ville Leino or bring Simon Gagne back? [Flyers Faithful]
  • Looking at how valuable Jeff Carter is, based on goals and plus/minus. Not the most meaningful, but still worth reading: [The Checking Line]
  • Arguing that part of Leino's worth is that he makes Danny Briere better. Or, you know, playing center and staying healthy makes Briere better: [Philly Sports Daily]
  • Jacob DeSerres won the Memorial Cup on Sunday night as Saint John beat Mississauga 3-1: []
  • Jay Greenberg writes an article for ESPN Insider saying "Tim Thomas might be the perfect fit" in Philadelphia. Uh, anybody actually pay for Insider and care to see his reasoning? [ESPN]
  • The Thrashers sale is almost done, and could be announced today: []
  • Looking back at all the stories written when the Jets left Winnipeg: [Puck Daddy]
  • The Bruins and Canucks will do a lot of traveling. A look at the most traveled Stanley Cups of all time: []
  • Chris Pronger gave some pretty funny quotes on what the long travel means: []
  • The amount of travel is something the 1994 Canucks had in common with the '11 Canucks, among other things: []
  • Looking at the Relief Goalie of the Year: [Hockey Prospectus]
  • Part III of the Yahoo!/NHL "Likes" analysis, this time looking at regional numbers: [Behind The Net]
  • Predictions for the Cup Final: [Objective NHL]
  • A preview of the Stanley Cup Finals: [Down Goes Brown]
  • Did you know the Flyers had the highest even-strength shooting percentage in the league this year? A look at all ES shooting talent: [Objective NHL]