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It's over: Flyers get pushed around by Bruins, season ends with bitter taste

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There's a lot to say about this mess of a series and this wild season we've all experienced together, but now isn't exactly the time for rational thought. Just a lot of reactionary bullshit. We need clearer heads to make sense of anything that's happened tonight, this week, this postseason and all year.

The Bruins were the better team tonight and in the series, and they've made it clear that 2010 is a distant memory.

I don't know about you, but there's a serious bitter taste in my mouth after the last four games. Let's hope the players, Peter Laviolette, Paul Holmgren and everybody else feel as well. We'll have a long time to dissect this mess between now and September during what certainly will be a long, frustrating offseason.

For now, let's tip our cap to the B's. And... as always, Go Flyers.

Question to Answer

  1. Is tonight the last night of our season? Yep.

Comment of the Night

Everybody gets one. Thanks for a great season, everybody.