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Flyers seem ready to turn Ilya Bryzgalov into Richie Rich

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... and the kid had his own roller coaster, for f**k's sake. He had a MCDONALDS IN HIS HOUSE. 

Seriously, this is going to hurt us a lot more than it hurts Ilya Bryzgalov.

The goaltender wants a lot of money and the Flyers are clearly willing to give him that money, or else they wouldn't have thrown away two draft picks in order to acquire his rights. And as we all know, the Flyers have the salary cap room equal to the money in my bank account, which is to say they don't have much room at all.

Our own Teemu mentioned on Twitter today that it's looking like Bryzgalov wants a five or six year deal, and that the Flyers want to make it seven or eight years to get the cap hit below $6 million.

Yes, that's $6 million per year. Yes, that sucks a whole lot. It's what they have to do to get the guy in orange and black, but as we've been over a thousand times, it's not worth it. The length of the assumed contract is just another reason why this shouldn't happen. 

We know all too well the clutches that come with long-term contracts. Chris Pronger is the most obvious example, and that hurts because it's a 35-plus contract, but just look at the Flyers roster. Pronger, Danny Briere, Jeff Carter, Mike Richards all on lengthy deals. Might as well throw Claude Giroux and James van Riemsdyk on the list too, since there's almost no doubt the Flyers fail to lock them up for life (or close to it). Giroux's already in the Flyers control through 2014, and almost definitely beyond -- if the Flyers have any more money to give him in 2014, that is.

That's a lot of money tied up in a a very small number of players, and frankly, the Flyers can't afford to do it any more than they already have. I don't need to list reasons for you. You already know why.

If you're going to pay a goaltender $6 million a year, it's not wise to lock yourself into that hefty salary for a billion years. Not when you're in the position the Flyers are in -- without prospects, without draft picks, without cheap talent to fill out the roster. It's great that the Flyers could still have all those stud players in five years, but uh, they can't do it by themselves. 

It's just foolish.