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For Realz This Time: Flyers Trade Jeff Carter to Columbus for Voracek, 1st, and 3rd

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Seriously, it's for real this time. We think. Bob McKenzie, Anthony SanFilippo, Sarah Baicker, Tim Panaccio, and plenty others have said it's serious. Despite Paul Holmgren saying he won't break up the core, or saying there was no fire sale, or Carter's agent saying he has been assured that his client wasn't going anywhere, well, Jeff Carter will join Rick Nash, R.J. Umberger, and possibly Scottie Upshall in Columbus.

Let's just get this out of the way first: Anthony SanFilippo called this two weeks ago. Credit where credit is due, even if the rumor has been floating for a year. He pegged Voracek and the 1st.

On to the real issue here: First, trading Jeff Carter is... well, incredibly stupid. He was the Flyers best forward last year, is signed to a cap-friendly deal, and is in the conversation of the NHL's elite. BUT, the return isn't so bad. A former #7 overall pick, the #8 overall pick, and a third rounder? Not bad. Not great, mind you (coughProngercough), but not bad.

Second, say hello to Ilya Bryzgalov, your new starting goaltender. Oh, and maybe drop a coin outside the WFC because the Flyers could use it to pay his hefty salary next year.

Let this sink in for a moment, and we'll come back with more analysis.