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Report: Braydon Coburn receives two-year extension through 2013-14 (or perhaps not)

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Haha, Versteeg.
Haha, Versteeg.

No clue on the money, but Braydon Coburn will be a member of the Flyers until the end of the 2013-14 season. Anthony SanFilippo reported at 12 p.m. today on FREE AGENT CRAZY FUN DAY that Coburn has been extended.

We'll follow up with more details and some analysis when it comes around, but this deal doesn't go into effect until next year anyway. He's still under contract for $3.2 million under the cap this year and would have been a UFA next summer. 

On the flip side, MAYBE NOT. Here's Dave Isaac from PSD:

Coburn's agent tells me that the report of Braydon's extension is "definitely not true." We'll see if that changes #Flyers    

And ASF clarified, saying it's "not definite." We'll see what happens.