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The Philadelphia Flyers sign Jaromir Jagr. Seriously.

Why you heff to be mad, Pittsburgh?
Why you heff to be mad, Pittsburgh?

Like, officially official from the Flyers and everything: Jaromir Jagr is a Philadelphia Flyer.

Pittsburgh fans everywhere are ready to jump off the nine million bridges they have in that city, and that's good enough for me. On the flip side, it's a one year deal for $3.3 million. That's $1.2 million more than the Pens were willing to give him, after dropping out of the running this morning.

No word on if the Pens are going to sign Chris Therien to counter.

It's a lot of money for Jagr to be sure -- more than they wanted to give to Ville Leino, for starters. Can he make it worth it? Well, the boos in Pittsburgh pay for most of it ... but seriously, we'll see. He'll improve the power play and he definitely still has the skill, but he's 39 years old and hasn't played in the NHL in three years.

Huge risk by Paul Holmgren, but it also helps that it's only a one-year deal. Wonder what Chris Pronger thinks of all this.

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