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2012 Winter Classic: Penn State, Neumann To Play Outdoor Game At CBP (Probably)

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UPDATE: The Icers were apparently yelled at by the NHL or the Flyers or something, because they took the link down from the page. Either way, it's the Internet and it lives forever. Here's what they originally said.

From the Penn State Icers today:

Two days after the Flyers and Rangers take part in the 2012 Winter Classic at Citizen's Bank Park, the Penn State Icers will get their chance at playing on the same, grand stage.

The Icers will face NCAA Division 3 Neumann University on Wednesday, January 4th at 7 PM. The Icers were originally set to play the Knights in November with the game possibly being held in the Wells Fargo Center, home of the Philadelphia Flyers.

Just more confirmation that the Winter Classic is indeed happening on January 2 at Citizens Bank Park. Wayne Fish of the Bucks County Courier Times reported Sunday that the league and the Flyers have not announced the game officially because of a dispute between the NHL and the Phillies on how much the fee will be to use CBP.

Since PSU is announcing this game, however, you have to assume that they're getting closer to a resolution on things. More on this at