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Heaven in Cherry Hill: opening new local store

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A look inside's Minnesota store. (via
A look inside's Minnesota store. (via

This has nothing to do with the Flyers, but it's the slow season and this is pretty damn exciting anyway, because God knows there's really not anywhere great to buy hockey gear around the Philadelphia area., which is definitely the best place online to buy hockey gear (in my opinion), is opening one of their SuperStores in Cherry Hill, N.J. sometime in the near future. They're also hiring sales associates. As of now they only have two SuperStores: one in Anaheim and one in Bloomington, Minn.

It's going to be located next to the LA Fitness across the way from the Cherry Hill Mall, probably in the same store where Diamond Furniture used to be. If you're wondering exactly what this place will look like inside and what they'll carry when they open, take the jump and look at some photos from the other two stores. It's like hockey heaven.

Note: didn't pay for this post, but if they want to send me a gift card for the free pub, by all means... *insert cheesy salesman smile*

A look at the location (click to enlarge):


And pictures of the other stores:




Yeah, I'm excited.

Thanks to Sarah Baicker for pointing this out on the Twitters.