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The NHL's Twitter account and Chris Pronger's 35-plus contract

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Somebody running the NHL's twitter account thinks they're funny. This was a quick sequence late last night in their feed. In chronological order, the bottom one came first. Click to enlarge.


Jerks. Maybe it's not intentional, but whatever. It stings. Context after the jump if you haven't already picked up on it.

From our story on Chris Pronger being doubtful for camp:

Pronger has a 35-plus contract that we don't need to be reminded of, which means that if he were to be forced to retire before his contract ends in 2017, the Flyers would still have to pay him nearly $5 million per season against the salary cap.

That's not to say Pronger is anywhere near retirement, but if he's late to camp again this year because of injury (remember, he was last year as well), it's at least something that has to find its way onto our radar.

Hardy har, NHL. /slow news day