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Flyers sign Marcel Noebels to entry-level contract

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We interrupt this incredibly busy day (ha) with some news: the Flyers have signed 2011 fourth round pick Marcel Noebels to a standard three-year entry level deal. Noebels played with the Seattle Thunderbirds of the WHL last season and will apparently return to the club this season, although until recently it was possible he could go to Germany and play in the professional DEL instead.

Now, it looks as though he'll be right here in North America instead thanks to this contract. Here's what he told the German-language Krefeld Pinguine just a few weeks ago, as translated by our Teemu H.

Noebels believes he has a chance to earn a contract from the Flyers at some point.

"Yes, I think so. My goal is to sign a contract sometime relatively soon. It's not going to be some huge contract and my focus is on training. I'm still a rather young player and I'm thinking about my development instead of money. Like if I sign with the Pinguine, it's not going to be because I would earn more money there, but because I think it would develop me more. I can make money when I'm 21-23 or older and a more polished player."

It seemed as though his wish was to go back to Germany and play, but he mentioned that he was going to talk with the Flyers at rookie camp to see which they preferred -- the North American game in Seattle or slightly better competition in Germany. They've locked him up already, so it seems they prefer him staying in North America.