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Flyers to pay $1.4 million in overages vs. salary cap next season: What's that mean?

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According to Tim Panaccio, and confirmed by the numbers at, the Philadelphia Flyers will carry over $1.4 million in bonuses from last season, and that number will sit against the salary cap for the upcoming 2011-12 season.

In other words, just look at it like there's $1.4 million being paid to a player not on the roster this year. Suddenly, just when it seemed like the Flyers were rolling around in some (relatively) roomy cap space, they're now right back under the gun with just $175,239 available. 

This means a few things, in my eyes. It makes the Kris Versteeg trade immediately come into focus, because until this news came out, the Flyers could have presumably fit him on the team. It also means that the way the team looks right now -- with Brayden Schenn in the mix and an in-house guy as the 13th forward and everything -- is almost certainly the way the team will look come training camp and beyond. Also, Ian Laperriere will certainly be on LTIR this season as well, just like last year.

Could it mean another trade is coming? I guess that's always a possibility, especially this offseason. Perhaps the chance of Paul Holmgren shipping off Sergei Bobrovsky, who looks to be the highest-paid backup goalie in the league next season, just went up a few notches. (Personally, I'd only do it for a fantastic return.)

You wanted to be in the cap comfort zone this season, huh? Some wiggle room, perhaps? This is the Flyers. There's no such thing.