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Andreas Lilja happy to join Flyers

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Andreas Lilja signed a two year contract with the Flyers yesterday, the first day of free agency. Lilja says it happened faster than he probably expected and he's happy to join the Flyers.

"It feels really good and inspiring", Lilja says about joining the Flyers. "It's a classic organization that plays rough and tough hockey. They also take good care of their players and their families."

Once the free agency window opened, it only took a half an hour for Lilja to receive a phone call from the Flyers.

"It definitely came a little unexpected. Last year I had to wait until October before signing with Anaheim afterall. I'm very thankful it all happened so fast. It's good for both me and my family."

But it wasn't the soon 36 year old defensive defenseman who stole the headlines. Lilja is looking forward to the opportunity to play with another new Flyer, Czech legend Jaromir Jagr, 39.

"Obviously it's going to be amazing to get the chance to play with an artist like him."

Spending his vacation in Sweden, Lilja says he's going to move back to North America sooner than usual this summer.

"Right now I'm at home and I'm going to train as usual. Then we'll go over there and find a house for ourselves. We also need to find schools for the kids."

There were tons of rumors going around about Lilja returning to Sweden already last summer, but now it looks like it's at least two more years in the NHL for him.

"Me and my family enjoy ourselves over there and a two year contract is just perfect for me."

"But I will return to play in Sweden at some point. Right now it didn't fit my plans."


This report was based off of a Swedish-language story in the publication Helsingborgs Dagblad.