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Dan Carcillo on Philly media: "It's ridiculous"

Dan Carcillo, the newest member of the Chicago Blackhawksspoke out in an interview with the Chicago Sun-Times today, and he didn't have the nicest things to say about the Philadelphia media.

Yeah. It's ridiculous. . . . If you lose, people look for excuses, and they nitpick. They make stories out of nothing. It's unfortunate. That's just the way it is. It's kind of their culture. People are kind of outspoken and rude.    

I don't know if the Philly media is rude necessarily, but there's definitely some truth to the "people look for excuses and nitpick" thing. Of course, that comes with the territory of playing in Philadelphia or any other major sports city in the Northeast, but all in all, I'd say Carcillo's comments are a fair criticism. 

We all know that the media that covers the Flyers tends to be very doom and gloom, and we know that with their handling of the "Mike Richards/Jeff Carter are a bunch of drunks!!!1" stuff, there's certainly the question that they make stories out of nothing. 

What do you think, though? Is Carcillo's criticism fair, and more importantly, is his assertion that the media is an extension of our city's culture, and that we're outspoken and rude, fair?