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Timonen hopes to retire as a Flyer

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After spending most of his summer in Kuopio, Finland, Kimmo Timonen is getting ready for a move back to Philadelphia. He's been training already since the start of July and wants to be in good enough shape by training camp.

"I've been enjoying the summer and training", Timonen says. "I'm going back to Philadelphia in two weeks. The older you get, the more dedicated you have to be, making sure that you won't skip any practices. Otherwise the young guys leave you behind. If you're not in shape by training camp, that's what happens; you leave behind."

Timonen is happy that his personal goals and the Flyers' goals are the same.

"My only goal is to win the Stanley Cup. Considering the Flyers' traditions, they can't have any other goals either. It means a lot of pressure, but it's the same for everyone. A lot is expected from the players, the organization is ready to take action to achieve their goal and the fans expect a lot from us, too. And that's how it should be. It's only fair."

Timonen also appreciates the chance to play in Philadelphia.

"The arena is packed full every game and people recognize the players on the street. For a professional hockey player, I'm sure Philadelphia is one of the best places to play in. The organization takes care of their players and the facilities are good. It's terrific to play there and I hope I can finish my career there."

This report was based off of a Finnish-language story released by Yle.

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