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Video: Jody Shelley's suspension worthy hit on Darryl Boyce

It took two Philadelphia Flyers preseason games for them to find their way onto the radar of the NHL's new disciplinarian, Brendan Shanahan. Welcome to the job, buddy. 

As you can see in the video above, Jody Shelley's cheap shot on Leafs forward Darryl Boyce is 120 percent suspension worthy. It's just absolutely disgusting and something we don't want to see in hockey anymore. Shelley's mother would probably agree with that assessment, too. The puck is gone, Boyce has his face to the boards, and Shelley decides to throw an elbow right into his upper back. It's impossible to defend something like that.

He was given a five minute major for fighting Jay Rosehill after the play, a five minute major for boarding and a game misconduct. There's no doubt there will be a review, and there certainly shouldn't be any doubt about a suspension either.

With a new guy sitting in the discipline chair at the NHL offices in New York, this is when we'll get to see whether or not the Wheel of Justice stop spinning.