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Tom Sestito faces likely suspension, further blurring camp roster battles

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PHILADELPHIA -- We're gonna be best friends with Brendan Shanahan.

Tom Sestito is the next one who should expect a call down to the principal's office this week after drilling Andre Deveaux from behind the first period of tonight's preseason game against the New York Rangers

Sestito will likely be suspended and he deserves it. It was a nasty hit, and obviously completely intentional. In terms of that intent, I'd say that it was more serious than Jody Shelley's hit the other night, and Shelley was suspended 10 games. Not that Sestito will be suspended 10 games... but, well, we'll see what happens.

Video after the jump.

Sestito's hit came just minutes after Zac Rinaldo pummeled Dale Weise in a fight. A really, really impressive fight. And perhaps that was part of the impetus for Sestito's hit. He sees Rinaldo go out there and take care of business, and on his next shift, in the midst of an intense battle for a roster spot, he needs to make some noise too.

Instead of helping him, it's clearly going to have a negative effect on his chances of making the club in camp, and with Shelley out of the lineup and Sestito the only true heavyweight left, that's probably the worst thing he could've done.

Now with those two on the back burner, we have a situation on our hands where suspensions could impact Zac Rinaldo's chances of making this hockey team ... in a positive way. The same Zac Rinaldo that had more of his own suspensions last year than he had goals. What a bizarre world we live in.