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Claude Giroux joins Twitter, all hell breaks loose

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Philadelphia Flyers forward Claude Giroux, also known as Orange Jesus, joined Twitter yesterday at about 5:45 p.m. I was his 700th and 701st follower (approximately) just a few minutes later. When I checked in about 20 minutes later, he was up to 6,000.

This morning, as of this writing right this second, he has 47,999 followers. In 17 hours!

Let's briefly think about that. The New York Islanders -- yes, the actual hockey team -- has 30,385 followers. They've been on Twitter since October 2008. The Florida Panthers, on Twitter since April 2009, have 29,307 followers.

He's hopped over Matt Carle and Dan Carcillo with relative ease. And yeah, at this rate, he's going to pass Mike Richards within about the next 40 seconds. For the record, Giroux has tweeted three times.

Claude Giroux is sort of the man. Let's just hope he tweets as well as he chirps on the ice, because his teammates are already virtually giving him plenty of shit.