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Sergei Bobrovsky brilliant as Flyers steal two points on Long Island

I don't wanna say it. I don't want to utter the word. I don't want to call it that nasty, 11-letter C-word, because it might just be something that us onlookers create. Besides, if the team doesn't see it as a problem, it's not really a problem.

We might think it's an issue that the second-year goaltender on an entry-level deal is pacing the Philadelphia Flyers right now while the $51 million Savior Of The Franchise is riding the pine in obscurity, but it doesn't seem as though Peter Laviolette and the players on the team find it an issue.

All that matters is that Sergei Bobrovsky is playing really, really well right now, and tonight, he stole the Flyers two points on Long Island as the team went on to win a hockey game, 3-2. Bob made 33 saves, including one on a penalty shot early in the game on Michael Grabner. Later, in the second period, he made Grabner cry a second time.

Jim Jackson certainly nailed the call on that one. Bobrovsky really did bail out his teammates all night long, and he was the reason the Flyers won the game tonight. It's as simple as that, and maybe it is a goaltender controversy that's brewing here, but as long as one guy is playing this well, it doesn't really make a difference, does it?

It wasn't a terribly pretty win, but how's it feel knowing you can't beat the Flyers no matter what you do, Islanders?

A few more notes:

- Sean Couturier scored again, and now has goals in three straight. I think he definitely benefits from having some offensive players on his line, as he's started to blossom offensively without being dragged down by guys like Jody Shelley.

Playing with Matt Read and Harry Zolnierczyk, he just seems to have a bit more room to shine offensively, and he's still been able to bring the defensive side of things as well. He scored a goal tonight during some important minutes late in the third period of a one-goal game, when he's out there for his defense.

The offensive production obviously won't keep up at a point-per-game pace the rest of the year or anything, especially when he's still getting fourth-line minutes. But Couturier is showing that he does have a bit of offensive pop when the opportunity presents itself, and that's good news as he continues his first NHL season.

- Max Talbot got elbowed in the head in the third period. We'll have more on this in a bit, so stay tuned for that.

- Typical Montreal.

Questions with Answers

  1. Evgeni Nabokov has been good against the Flyers in his career. Tonight? Nabokov was good.
  2. Same goes for Bob. More solid play from the Flyers goalie? Bob was better.
  3. If Gustafsson gets in, how's he look? If he doesn't, what the hell, Lavi? Gus was scratched. What the hell, Lavi? Maybe his wrist isn't completely 100 percent? That's the only legitimate explanation.
  4. Claude Giroux's birthday today. What's he do to celebrate? An assist. And an All-Star nod, of course.

Comment of the Night

We waived the wrong Andreas…

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