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Sean Couturier is still awesome, but Preds hold off Flyers, 4-2

It's weird how this game works sometimes. On Thursday night on Long Island, the Flyers probably should've lost to the New York Islanders, yet a solid performance from Sergei Bobrovsky kept them on top and stole them two points.

Tonight in Nashville, the Flyers peppered Pekka Rinne with shots all game long, including a strong barrage in the third period, but were unable to beat the Preds and their goaltender. They lost the game, 3-2 plus an empty netter, despite the strong effort and despite Sean Couturier continuing to be a total bad ass.

Couturier seems like he's about to score every single time he touches the puck lately, and he scored for the fourth straight game to pull the Flyers close in the second period. On the flip side, the top line continued to struggle, and the unit of Claude Giroux, Scott Hartnell and Jaromir Jagr really haven't looked in sync with each other since Jags has returned from injury. It's slowly becoming a concern. A big one.

All in all, it was a successful road trip, though, with the Flyers picking up four of six points and putting in a strong effort this evening. They're back at home against the thought-they-were-good-before-math-happened Minnesota Wild on Tuesday.

Comment of the Night

If i had a chick pea for every damn ridiculous deflection goal scored against us, I could probably make a ton of hummus right now

>> Clutterbuck4MVP