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Ilya Bryzgalov, Sergei Bobrovsky... and another Flyers goalie? What?

CBC's Elliotte Friedman consistently puts out the best weekly read in the hockey world -- his 30 Thoughts column. This week is no different, and this little thought from the well-plugged-in writer was fascinating.

It's interesting to hear other teams talk about the Flyers. If there's one thing they really respect, it's Philly's willingness to make bold decisions. That's why there's a suspicion that if Ilya Bryzgalov or Sergei Bobrovsky doesn't grab a stranglehold on the net, Philadelphia may look at someone else (on a short-term contract) to calm the position.

Another goalie?

Here's the one thing there: Sergei Bobrovsky has taken the stranglehold on the position, but Peter Laviolette, Jeff Reese and the coaching staff are giving Bryzgalov starts because he's worth $51 million and it's important to at least attempt to get him back on track. There's nothing wrong with that (especially in January) but it doesn't mean that there's not a competent goalie on the team right now. There definitely is one -- he's just not the "right" guy.

I guess the suggestion here is that if Bob falls off and Bryz continues his fall into a Black Hole, the Flyers would be interested in some short-term help. I guess it makes some sense in the weirdest way possible, but I just can't imagine that happening. Another goalie at the deadline? What?