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Flyers vs. Islanders preview: Aw, you mean Steve Staios is a healthy scratch?

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7 p.m. tonight
Wells Fargo Center

TV: CSN Philly, MSG+2
TICKETS: Starting at $45

We'll just get this out of the way first: Steve Staios isn't playing tonight. He's a healthy scratch, and Dylan Reese will play on the blueline in his place. So much for the revenge thing.

Winning 25 out of the last 26 games against the Islanders will have to suffice, I guess. That's what the Flyers can do tonight with a win, and they can also keep up a victory streak in Philadelphia against the Islanders which dates back to April 7, 2007. It's laughable how one-sided this rivalry has been over the last several years. Let's hope it continues at 7 p.m.

If the Flyers play like they did against the Islanders a week ago, there's a strong possibility that streak won't continue. New York played well enough to win that game at Nassau last Thursday, and it was only Sergei Bobrovsky's phenomenal play that kept the Flyers in it enough to pull out a victory. He bailed them out on a number of occasions.

That's why Bob will get the start tonight against the Islanders instead of Ilya Bryzgalov. Hopefully he can keep his unbelievable numbers against the Islanders up, and hopefully the team in front of him doesn't catch themselves looking towards the weekend.

Game's on CSN and 94WIP tonight. And if you're in New York, the Islanders are on MSG+2 -- yes, the secondary channel to the secondary channel -- and Hofstra student radio. Every game is on Hofstra student radio. An NHL team has their games on Hofstra student radio. Game thread with lineups and such at 5 p.m.