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Scott Hartnell = NHL All-Star

Getty Images

Scott Hartnell is an NHL All-Star. No, this isn't us saying he's an All-Star despite not being named an All-Star. According to Bob McKenzie, Hartnell actually is an NHL All-Star. He's going to Ottawa this weekend. (NHL confirmed it, too.)


He deserves it. The only other players I can think of who could have potentially deserved the nod over him (who haven't been named to the team yet) are James Neal from the Penguins and Patrik Elias from the Devils, and that's all very debatable. Hartnell's having the best season of his NHL career, and he's absolutely deserving of the honor.

As are the four other Flyers All-Stars. Five total participants from the orange and black makes us better than every other team in the NHL -- because as good as the Senators are, they don't have five legitimate All-Stars. I thought we traded away all our star power?