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Philadelphia Flyers tickets: Games vs. Jets, Predators provide good deals this week


Those are average Philadelphia Flyers ticket prices, courtesy of our friends at TiqIQ, for the three home games this week at the Wells Fargo Center. You can get in for basically nothing, but if you want good seats, expect to pay around the average price listed above.

It's no surprise that a divisional game on a Saturday is going to cost you more than a mid-week game against Winnipeg or Nashville, so maybe the graph is just telling us what we already know. But the news here is that if you want to go to a game this week, you should probably snap up some tickets tonight or Thursday. The Devils suck anyway.


As a reminder, you can get great deals on Flyers tickets right here at Broad Street Hockey.

There's a fancy Tickets button that always resides at the top of the page, and if you click it, you can find deals on every remaining home game. You can even make your own offer on select games, which works pretty darn well from personal experience. Just click the offer button on the BSH Tickets page for more info on how to do that.

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