UPDATED: Reaching out to the Rangers fans who were assaulted

UPDATE Monday 1/9: Sorry for the delay in determining how we are going to collect the money! I had to get authorization from PayPal on how to do it properly; because otherwise there is a risk of the money being frozen or flagged as suspicious, which would prevent us from being able to make a purchase. This is based on PayPal's customer service telling me the best way to handle the situation, because it's not related to a 501c(3) and thus it isn't covered under their donation policies.

Because this falls under their acceptable use policy as 'a group of people chipping in to buy someone a gift', we need to use the process of Sending Money to a Friend. If you have a PayPal account, click on send money, and then you would send it to my email address, which is DragonGirl0583 AT, the same as the email address in my BSH profile. If you don't have PayPal and do not want to sign up for it; you can email me (same email address), and I can send you a request link, which will allow you to chip in without a log in. PayPal is the most effective means of collecting it, because if we end up going with jerseys or whatever, I can pay for them directly from PayPal without having to actually withdraw anything from the fund.

No one is obligated to participate in this effort, and if you want to chip in, it's whatever you want to add to the account. I'll keep you guys posted on the status of the collection, and one of the other members of the masthead can even audit it if it'll make people more comfortable.

Even though they cheer for a rival team, the fans who were assaulted at Geno's on Monday evening are still part of the global hockey community, just like us. And since real hockey fans stick together, I want to gauge the community's interest on chipping in to do something for the victims.

VorAbaddon deserves full credit for initiating the conversation, by offering up the opening suggestion:

This is an epic bucket of shite and I think we (Meaning – the general Philly fanbase) should do something for the folks who got beaten to a pulp. Mayhaps we can chip in $5-$10 bucks here and there and get them jerseys or something?

Do the folks over at Blueshirt Banter have press credentials they can maybe use to even get some of the Rags to sign the jerseys before we get them to the guys in the hospital?

So if we set up a secure way to collect it, would people be interested in chipping in a couple dollars to do something for them? Vote yes or no in the poll below so we'll know whether or not to get this going, and add any additional suggestions on what we could do in the comments below.

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