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Claude Giroux not among first six All-Stars, but that doesn't matter

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You'd think the Ottawa Senators were an All-Star team in their own right, given how they absolutely dominated NHL All-Star Voting. Milan Michalek, Jason Spezza and Daniel Alfredsson -- ranked 78th, 11th and 68th in league scoring, respectively -- are the three forwards voted in by the fans for the 2012 game, which will be held in... Ottawa.

Oh, who would've guessed?

Defensemen Erik Karlsson and Dion Phaneuf, of the very-close-to-Ottawa Toronto Maple Leafs, were named to the team, and goalie Tim Thomas of the Bruins stopped the all-Ontario fest by being named to the crew.

And that's it. Just six players are named to the All-Star teams via fan voting, and none of them are the NHL's leading scorer. It goes to show just how silly the process is, but at the same time, it doesn't really matter. Giroux will be an All-Star either way, because there are still tens of spots available for the game in Ottawa. Those players are selected unilaterally by the NHL.