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Video: Danny Briere gets in a fight, I repeat, Danny Briere gets in a fight

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Danny Briere has been in three fights during his NHL career. One of them was today against Kyle Turris of the Ottawa Senators, who dropped the gloves for just the second time in his career on Saturday afternoon. It was probably the unlikliest of unlikely fights in today's game, and it was completely awesome.

It all started the shift prior. Briere gave Turris a little shot to that one area on the male body where you typically shouldn't target, and Turris responded with a cross check. Both players were sent off to the penalty box, and on their next shift... well, you saw the video.

Briere has two goals and a fight on the afternoon. Not too shabby, Danny Boy. THREE GOALS AND A GAME WINNER IN OT WHAT THE HELL AWESOME