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Tuesday Morning Fly By: Apathy is winning out

We have more proposals for a solution from outsiders, we have more articles expressing disgust with both sides, and we have one side bringing in a spin doctor to ask casual fans to not hate them so much. Yay.

Al Bello - Getty Images

Today's open discussion thread, complete with your daily dose of Philadelphia Flyers-related news and notes...

  • Ilya Bryzgalov falls down for no reason: [the700level] [Puck Daddy]
  • Upcoming schedule of Flyers' players, recaps of yesterday's KHL game and this date in Flyers history: [Bill Meltzer]
  • The NHL hired Frank Luntz, noted GOP strategist, to hold a focus group on how the NHL can better sell their side of the story. Deadspin broke the story and has a thorough breakdown, complete with images, of the questions: [Deadspin] [] [Puck Daddy]
  • The NHL and NHLPA will meet today: [] [Broad Street Bull]
  • Both the owners and players are losing money: [SI Red Light]
  • With anger at the lockout turning to apathy, the NHL may be making a losing bet that fans will return: [Backhand Shelf]
  • Cam Charron proposes an economic solution for the NHL: [Backhand Shelf]
  • Seattle City Council and King County Council both approved plans for a new arena: []
  • U.S. Hockey Hall of Fame inducted Mike Modano and Lou Lamoriello among others yesterday: []
  • The North Stars left twenty years ago: [Backhand Shelf]
  • Breaking down Gretzky's record-breaking point: [Backhand Shelf]
  • Corey Pronman on how he analyzes draft selections: [Hockey Prospectus]
  • What leagues produce NHL draft picks now compared to earlier in the decade? [NHLNumbers]
  • A brief history of Dominik Hasek's career: [Down Goes Brown]
  • Looking at individual point percentage from 2008-2012, where Nik Zherdev rates high: [NHLNumbers]
  • Part one of Minnesota Wild zone entries. Lots of graphics showing just how bad they were: [hashtaghockey]