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Breaking: Sidney Crosby doesn't like Claude Giroux or the Philadelphia Flyers

Sidney Crosby doesn't care about Claude Giroux's wrists or the Philadelphia Flyers.

SB Nation

Absolutely shocking developments this afternoon. Sidney Crosby, in an interview with the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette, implied that he doesn't like the Philadelphia Flyers and that he doesn't care about breaking Claude Giroux's wrists in the playoffs last year. This groundbreaking news will surely shock the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania to its very core.

Via the Post-Gazette's Empty Netters blog, here's Crosby:

I don't try to go after his wrists but if I caught it, I'm not sorry for it. I think it's hilarious I hear that stuff from Philly. It's comedy to me to be honest with you. They're probably involved in that stuff more than any team in the league and they're the ones always talking about it. I guess I'm not apologetic. I was trying to win a faceoff and if I caught his wrist, then I caught his wrist. He seemed to play okay so I couldn't have hurt him that bad.

To be totally honest, I don't even care about the "I'm not sorry for it" thing. Whatever, doesn't matter. But it's the other part -- the "Philly is the dirtiest team in the league" implication -- that can go straight to hell. You lose the right to say that when your team has star players that pull stuff like this and take brutal runs at people without apology.

Sorry, Sid. The Penguins are just as bad, if not worse, than every other team in the NHL.

More from Crosby's interview. On the hit Giroux delivered on him in Game 6:

"It was a clean hit. I don't think I would have really changed anything. Do you like putting yourself in that position? No. The odds of a guy making a hit like that at home and then having the puck end up on his stick two seconds later and scoring a goal.... That probably is the whole series in a nutshell.

Oh right, yeah. Lady Luck won the series. Sure.

The series could have been over, we could have not had to play that game if we would have won the first two (games). It might not have even gotten to that point.

NEWS FLASH: The Penguins could have won the series if they won the first two games. And if that happened, they wouldn't have had to play Game 5. Pretty wild stuff.

We learned a pretty good lesson there hopefully. We didn't execute. We lost leads. We did everything possible to lose. We let in a lot of goals. Weren't good defensively. The only thing that really came out of that was our power play was pretty good. But that's not usually what wins you games. We got a pretty good lesson and we've got to learn from it."

Oh hey, there's reality. Knew you were hiding in there somewhere.

In all seriousness, it's a really great, lengthy interview with the face of the NHL (for better or worse), and I'd really recommend a) letting your Crosby hatred out in the comments below and then b) going and reading the whole article with a straight face. It's worth your time.

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