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Frozen Four 2014: Philly one step closer to also hosting D3 college championship

Brian Spurlock-US PRESSWIRE - Presswire

The NCAA on Wednesday moved one step closer towards holding the 2014 NCAA Division 3 men's ice hockey championship in Philadelphia. The Division 3 Management Council signed off on a one-year trial that would see the D3 national title game held on the same weekend as the Frozen Four.

The plan now goes to the NCAA's Division 3 Presidents Council, which has the final say and will vote on October 30.

If the plan goes through, the national finalists will take the Wells Fargo Center ice on Friday, April 11, an otherwise slow night during the busy Frozen Four weekend. The Frozen Four title game will be played on Saturday, April 12th. The two D1 national semifinal games will be played at WFC on Thursday, April 10.

The D3 title game is currently scheduled for Saturday, March 22, and extending the D3 season another two weeks is a sticking point for some involved in the decision-making. Nevertheless, it's looking like that there will be two titles awarded in South Philly that weekend in 2014. Nothing wrong with extra hockey.

The D3 championship has been held in Lake Placid three of the last four years. Early round games are held on campus sites.