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Wayne Simmonds leaves Crimmitschau for Liberec in Czech Extraliga

No more Germany for Wayne Simmonds and Chris Stewart.

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Wayne Simmonds' days of tearing apart Germany's 2nd Bundesliga are over. Eispariten Crimmitschau announced late Friday that the Flyers forward would depart the team Monday on his way to Liberec in the Czech Extraliga. Fellow NHLer and close friend Chris Stewart will be joining Simmonds.

Via Eispiraten (and a hilarious Google translation):

Both players have decided shortly to change during the NHL lockout the club. Because of the already-limited 30-day contract with the West Saxons as early as mid next week runs out, the Ice Pirates have attempted to convince both of another commitment, but in the end accepted their request. Thus Simmonds and Stewart are already packing their bags on Monday.

I sort of feel bad for the hockey fans in Crimmitschau. The statement from the team also says:

In addition, the Ice Pirates at Wayne and Chris, and their management to thank for the opportunity to work with them. For all the fans, sponsors and participants is a highlight in the history of hockey Crimmitschauer moment to end.

Simmonds and Stewart initially signed in Germany's second tier because of transfer rules that would have prevented them from playing together in a higher division -- such as the DEL, where Claude Giroux and Danny Briere currently play. It's rumored that several Czech Extraliga clubs are after their services, so it's likely they'll turn up elsewhere this week.

Simmonds scored four goals and had 10 assists in nine games with Crimmitschau. Stewart is clearly not as his level, having scored only 11 total points in nine games with the team.

Liberec has not announced the signing, which was reported by USA Today and confirmed by Eustace King, the agent for both players.