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Scott Hartnell finally headed to KalPa

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Scott Hartnell owns a hockey team in Finland, and he's finally going to go play for them.

Nick Laham

Scott Hartnell is finally heading for Finland.

You'd figure that Hartnell, who, you know, owns a team in SM-liiga, would have been one of the first NHL players to find work in Europe during the lockout, but he's held off going to play for KalPa with hope that the work stoppage here would end. It's not ending any time soon, so with insurance costs taken care off, Hartnell's bound for a trans-Atlantic flight.

According to Savon Sanomat, Hartnell will join KalPa on Thursday, November 15 provided the NHL and NHLPA haven't solved things by then. His insurance on his brand new contract will cost roughly $52,000 per month.

Hartnell's never played for KalPa before. During the 2004-05 lockout, he played with Vålerenga in Norway.