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NHL cancels games through Nov. 30: 22 Flyers games wiped off calendar

The NHL has canceled more games, and now 22 Flyers games have been erased from potential existence.

Len Redkoles - Getty Images

The NHL informed teams on Friday that the league has canceled all games through Nov. 30 due to the ongoing collective bargaining negotiations with the NHL Players Association, according to a report by Elliotte Friedman of CBC.

As a result, 13 more Philadelphia Flyers games have been wiped off the calendar, bringing the total number of canceled games to 22. 13 home games are gone and nine on the road. Here's a list of all those games which will never see the light of day:

Date Visitor Home Time
Thu Oct 11 Boston Flyers 7:00 PM
Sat Oct 13 Flyers NY Islanders 7:00 PM
Thu Oct 18 Pittsburgh Flyers 7:00 PM
Sat Oct 20 Winnipeg Flyers 7:00 PM
Thu Oct 25 Flyers Montreal 7:30 PM
Sat Oct 27 Toronto Flyers 7:00 PM
Sun Oct 28 Flyers Buffalo 5:00 PM
Tue Oct 30 Dallas Flyers 7:00 PM
Thu Nov 1 New Jersey Flyers 7:00 PM
Sat Nov 3 Anaheim Flyers 1:00 PM
Sun Nov 4 Flyers NY Rangers 7:00 PM
Tue Nov 6 Buffalo Flyers 7:00 PM
Thu Nov 8 Flyers Carolina 7:00 PM
Sat Nov 10 Carolina Flyers 7:00 PM
Tue Nov 13 Minnesota Flyers 7:00 PM
Fri Nov 16 Flyers Buffalo 7:00 PM
Sat Nov 17 Buffalo Flyers 7:00 PM
Wed Nov 21 Ottawa Flyers 7:00 PM
Fri Nov 23 Winnipeg Flyers 3:00 PM
Sat Nov 24 Flyers NY Rangers 1:00 PM
Wed Nov 28 Flyers Toronto 7:00 PM
Thu Nov 29 Flyers NY Islanders 7:00 PM

The season could begin for the Flyers on December 1 in Florida, but that's provided that a) a new deal gets done by then, of course and b) the league doesn't completely rework the schedule. The Flyers would have exactly 60 games left to play, but with 22 games gone, the league would likely rework the entire schedule to fix imbalance.