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Monday Morning Fly By: Jake Voracek hurt in KHL game

Jake Voracek may have been hurt over the weekend in the KHL, but at least he's not fat like Evander Kane.

Rob Carr - Getty Images

Today's open discussion thread, complete with your daily dose of Philadelphia Flyers-related news and notes...

  • Jake Voracek was reportedly injured in a KHL game over the weekend. Gulp. [CSN] [SB Nation Philly]
  • ... but at least he didn't show up fat, like Evander Kane. [PHT]
  • Claude Giroux and Danny Briere were welcomed to Germany by their new club. They'll officially arrive later this week and should be in uniform by the weekend. [Eisbären Berlin]
  • Ilya Bryzgalov made a bit of news over the weekend, saying that NHL players, especially highly-paid Russian stars, may opt to stay in the KHL even after the lockout ends. []
  • Coming soon: the KHL's North American division? [Mile High Hockey]
  • Ted Starkey on the predictable path of this NHL lockout. [SB Nation DC]
  • EA explains the physics behind the 'Hercules Check.' [Polygon/The Verge]