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Wayne Simmonds fought some German dude this weekend

Christopher Pasatieri - Getty Images

The continent does not matter. Wayne Simmonds will beat up Penguins no matter the location.

In a game against the Fischtown Pinguins over the weekend, Simmer scored a power play goal and punched a dude named Ralf in the face a bunch of times. Yes, there is video! Jump to the two-minute mark on this clip to see the fight we care about. Simmonds is in the red and white. Poor ole Ralf Rinke is in the awful yellow helmet.

ETC Crimmitschau lost, 7-4, but that's probably because Simmonds was also kicked out of the game for the third period fight. Can't single-handedly win hockey games from the locker room, you know?

h/t Sean Gentille