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Phantoms vs. Crunch: Oliver Lauridsen drops gloves with Eric Neilson

GLENS FALLS -- Maybe an ill-advised fight here from Oliver Lauridsen, but I can completely understand why he went looking for it. Syracuse's Eric Neilson put a mark on Lauridsen down in the Phantoms end during the second period. It may have been a bit of a charge -- would have been fine with a call either way, really -- but he definitely marked him.

Lauridsen was able to dodge the oncoming check. Neilson went flying about two feet into the boards, and when he got up, Lauridsen was there to challenge him. Neilsen obliged, and that's where the video above picks up.

The downside? The Phantoms were on a rush the other way.

Thanks to BSH's Shaun Kreider for the video.

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