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Of course Ed Snider, age 79, is engaged a 45 year old

Jonathan Daniel

We tend to stay out of the gossip stuff around here, but we'll make an exception every now and then. This is one of those times.

Ed Snider is getting married!

According to, the Comcast-Spectacor chairman and Philadelphia Flyers owner proposed to girlfriend Lin Spivak recently at a restaurant in Southern California. Snider's been married three times in the past, but he's 79 years old now. Spivak? She's 45. Yes, that means The Chairman was 34 years old when his fiancée was born.

How'd he pop the question?

The report says Comcast-Spectacor chairman Snider excused himself to the restroom at which point a group of singers came over and sang "Marry You" by Bruno Mars before Snider returned, getting down on one knee and proposing marriage.

(Snider was 52 when Bruno Mars was born, FYI.)

Now, back to your regularly scheduled lockout programming. Hopefully we have a hockey game scheduled before the wedding gets scheduled...