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Trade! Philadelphia Flyers acquire Nicklas Grossman from Dallas Stars for two picks

We'll forgive you for the Steve Ott thing, man.
We'll forgive you for the Steve Ott thing, man.

Hey, you guys! A trade! For a defenseman!

The Flyers have acquired defenseman Nicklas Grossman from the Dallas Stars in exchange for a second round pick in the 2012 NHL draft and a third round pick in the 2013 draft.

Those picks came to town via the Mike Richards and Darroll Powe trades in June, so the Flyers aren't giving up their own picks here. They still hold a second round pick this summer via the Florida Panthers, thanks to the Kris Versteeg trade, and they still hold their own third round pick in 2013.

But who cares about that: Who the hell is Nicklas Grossman? He's a big defensive defenseman, weighing in at 6'4", 240 pounds, and a cap hit of just $1.65 million. That's pretty sweet. He'll be a UFA in July. Yes, he can kill penalties, and if I have to hear the "clear the porch" phrase one more time...

He's not too physical a player despite that size and he's had some problems when it comes to turnovers, according to some insight from the guys over at Defending Big D. But he's positionally sound and can log a lot of minutes, so that's certainly a plus for a blue line that could really use that sort of piece right now.

He played on Dallas' top pairing with Stephane Robidas last season. He faced extremely difficult competition last season -- a Corsi Rel QoC that ranked fifth in the NHL -- and started just 46 percent of his shifts in the offensive end of the ice, yet was able to get a virtual draw with a Corsi Rel of minus-2.

He's not faced as solid of competition this season and has had some rough results with a Corsi Rel of minus-15.5, which could be a concern considering he's been bumped down to the second pair. It could also be that his defensive partner, Trevor Daley, was dragging him down in Dallas this season. The numbers might lead us to believe that whoever he winds up playing with in Philadelphia will have a great deal to do with his success.

Will that be Andrej Meszaros or Matt Carle? That probably depends on if you're planning on keeping Marc-Andre Bourdon in the mix, or if you're planning on keeping Andreas Lilja around. We'll see what Peter Laviolette decides to do come Saturday when Grossman plays his first game as a Flyer.

(Oh, and hintzy, you called it.)