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Wayne Train rolls through Predators as Flyers win, 4-1

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Sorry about the technical issues we had with the site during tonight's game. They were out of our control and should be in the past now. Thanks for your patience and your understanding. The Flyers won, anyway, so you have no reason to be upset about it. - Travis

The Nashville Predators entered tonight's game with a 9-1-0 mark in their last 10 games. They came back from three goals down in the third period to win the other night against Minnesota. To say they're playing red hot hockey right now is an insult to heat, but he Wayne Train had TEN SHOTS ON GOAL tonight, two of which found their way behind Preds goalie Anders Lindback.

He was a machine all game long, and it's safe to say he paced the Flyers in this one. His two goals were the biggest of the game -- the first goal, which made the score 1-0 in the first period, and the third goal, a power play tally in the third period which made the score 3-1 after Ryan Suter cut the 2-0 lead in half minutes prior.

That's the one really interesting thing about Simmonds. He's such a scrawny dude -- look at his legs in a picture where he's not wearing hockey pads -- but he's evolved into a damn strong net presence this season. In fact, he told us early in the season that he never really played that role on the power play while in Los Angeles, but that he enjoys it. He's certainly thrived in that department this season.

Another very strong sign: I thought Ilya Bryzgalov played one of his best games of the year tonight. He would've had the shutout if Suter didn't try so hard to impress Paul Holmgren by jumping up into the play offensively on that third period goal. (But no, seriously. Bryz was good.)

It was a very sound win all around for the Flyers tonight against a really tough team, and it's not getting any easier with two divisional games on the weekend.

Questions with Answers

  1. The Preds scored four goals in less than 11 minutes the other night against Minnesota, jumping ahead and sealing the game with about 20 seconds left. Any carry over emotion (or tiredness) from that game for Nashville? They looked strong in the first, but definitely lost some edge as the game progressed.
  2. How's Bryz look? As solid as he did against Winnipeg? Bryz looked very, very strong.
  3. And on the flip side, Anders Lindback is a good, young backup, but can the Flyers exploit the lack of Pekka Rinne in goal for the Predators? Lindback's numbers are awful, but I'm not sure that's all his fault. Flyers certainly did make him feel shame quite a bit tonight, though.
  4. Zac Rinaldo's back. How's he look? And is he on a line with Shelley and Sestito? Shelley didn't play. Rinaldo wasn't bad. Threw a huge hit on Jordin Tootoo in the third period. That was awesome.

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