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Wherein the Flyers suck, then don't, but ultimately do.

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I contemplated changing the whole tone of this recap after the Flyers put four goals on the board. However, in the end, the goals in the third really don't matter. That game really sucked. 6-0 after two periods does not a good hockey game make.

Yes, the Flyers didn't roll over and die completely, that's a good thing. Yes, Claude Giroux and Jagr got on the board, that's awesome.

Bottom line, all bad officiating aside, the Flyers did not have their A game today. They started flat, grew flatter and got flattened through two periods.

It’s pretty easy to dig yourself an early hole when you give your opponent a 5-on-3 less than three minutes into the game. After a slashing call on Marc-Andre Bourdon and a boarding call on Kimmo Timonen, the Devils took full advantage of the two player swing to pot themselves an early goal and quiet the WFC crowd. The rest of the game sucked.

A questionable call on Braydon Coburn put the Flyers back on their heels with a little over half the first period remaining. Some great work by the PK, most notably a great soccer-like play by Timonen, kept the Devils PP off the board for a second time. This paragraph is positive but the game sucked.

During the PK Max Talbot lost his stick. Surely not a noteworthy moment until Steve Coates filled the CSN viewers in on how he lost it. It seems that his stick went through the camera hole in the glass on the halfboards of the Devils zone. Didn’t matter much to him as he got back in the play and ultimately cleared the zone with a diving swipe of his hand. Best part of the game, seriously.

Andreas Lilja blocked a shot and went down in a heap and did not return…or maybe he did I kind of lost track of all the sucky sucks wearing orange.

Until a late powerplay, which generated four shots, the Flyers only managed three shots on Johan Hedberg in the first period. This is how much this game sucked.

Former Flyer, and current pain in the tuchis, Dainus Zubrus got away with a blatant trip on Claude Giroux while on the PK. His trip sprung Kovalchuk on an odd-man rush. His shot beat Bob for the Devils league-leading 12th shorthanded goal. Suckiest part of this suckfest.

When it rains it pours as Zubrus then potted his 14th goal of the campaign with only 0.04 seconds remaining on the clock. The Flyers went into the locker room with a bur in their sadles, a bone to pick with the men in white and black and a three goal deficit to overcome. Oh…and they were also on the penalty kill again thanks to Scott Hartnell’s temper and yet another questionable call. THE {BLEEPIN’] THING SUCKS!

Zach Parise, the talk of some trade rumors, showed why any team would be lucky to have him as he barreled his way to the net, jammed a shott of Bob’s pad, picked up his own rebound and scored. Of course…

If there was any time where I wanted to see a fight in hockey more than one minute into the 2nd period, it would have been one and a half minutes into the 2nd period as the Devils put their fifth goal on the board. … suck

Bob left the game after the Devils sixth goal. Sure as hell wasn’t his fault. You had to feel bad for Bob, getting the start in such a poor effort from his team. You had to feel worse for Ilya Bryzgalov as he came in with more than half the game to go and no sign of life from the men that play in front of him.

I’m not going to lie. I kind of glazed over during the second period after that—or really the rest of the game for that matter. ‘Cause it sucked.

Wayne Simmonds scored a great individual perseverance type goal that was pretty cool. The whole thing still sucked.

Then Jagr scored! Then G scored! That part did not suck at all.

Then Jake Voracek scored….it got pretty interesting at that point. Flyers came very close to pulling within one goal but never got there. Shame, would have been awesome….BUT IT SUCKED!

Questions to answer

1. Claude Giroux scored at the end of the last game. Did that open the flood gates? Well he had multiple chances to burry the puck, including a wide open net. Finally he did get on the board with help from his much older buddy JJ.

2. How about Jagr? Will his karma catch up to him and provide him with some scoring? Karma is funny, just ask Earl. He did score though so YAY!

3. Remember last year when the Devils were terrible for awhile? Wasn't that awesome? It was. Unfortunately they were much less terrible today and that was, in fact, not at all awesome.


I don't know...we all kind of sucked today but Geoff made me laugh so...

I’m a robot – I know your weaknesses.

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