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James van Riemsdyk trade rumors: Leafs reportedly lose interest

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It's not a secret that the Toronto Maple Leafs are in love with James van Riemsdyk. Brian Burke loves his big bodied American-born players, and JvR has a ton of potential that the Leafs general manager would just love to add to his squad. But when a potential trade piece has a concussion that's keeping him out of action just 20 days before the trade deadline, his value quickly plummets like a rock to the bottom of a lake.

That's apparently what's happening with Reemer, who has been out with a concussion since January 12. Via the omniscient Bob McKenzie of TSN:

Three weeks to the deadline, and Toronto Maple Leaf fans will hate to hear this but there is a very real chance the team doesn't make a significant move between now and the trade deadline.


James van Riemsdyk has a concussion, he's not a factor for the Leafs at this point.

If Burke and the Leafs aren't interested, it's hard to imagine anybody that's interested. We all hope Reemer gets well as soon as humanly possible, especially considering the unpredictability of head injuries, but for anybody who wants him in town -- including himself -- being out of the lineup for the next 20 days might just help the cause.

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