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Suck it, Phaneuf: Flyers hang on for 4-3 win over Leafs

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Coming off three straight losses, the Philadelphia Flyers absolutely needed to snap their win streak against a legitimately solid Toronto Maple Leafs squad. It was a bit of a back-and-forth game throughout, but the Flyers controlled play for the majority and really made the Leafs look out of sorts in their own end, and they earned a nice, hard 4-3 victory tonight.

They needed that. We all needed that. It feels good.

What feels better, though, is the goal celebration of Scott Hartnell, who himself got off the schneid with a goal and a fight (at the exact same time) and an assist. One might call that a Gordie Howe hat trick.

What a badass. Some other notes:

- Seriously, that top line was great tonight. They were great against the Islanders, but it's nice to see them finally get some results out of it. Giroux getting on the board was huge, and Hartnell had a monster night. Pierre McGuire would have been all about that.

- CSN Philly chimes in with the media version of the "First!" comment.

- Thought Bob had a really strong game tonight, despite the three goals against. It was a little run-and-gun there for a bit, but when he had to make some big saves there in the third period, he stepped up.

- Do the Leafs look ridiculously disorganized in their own end all the time, is that something that the Flyers did to them tonight, or are my eyes just screwing with me?

Questions with Answers

  1. How many "Suck it, Phaneuf!" signs in the crowd? Attendance was 19,684, so I'm gonna guess about two per person... carry the six... about 26 signs.
  2. James Reimer isn't gonna be really good like Evgeni Nabokov was the other night, right? Nope.
  3. Bob hasn't played in a while. How's he look? It would be redundant of me to answer this question, wouldn't it?
  4. How are Jason Bacashihua's door opening skills? Great technique.
  5. Claude Giroux is going to score tonight. That's not a question, but whatever. .smirk

Comment of the Night

Leave it to Hartnell to make someone carry a grudge from the All-Star Game.

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