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Flyers vs. Bruins preview: Oh hey, how's seventh place going guys?

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1 p.m, TD Garden
Boston, Massachusetts, USA
TV: CSN, NHL Network, NESN
B's BLOG: Stanley Cup of Chowder

Checking in with our friends in Boston...

The Bruins loss last night had entirely nothing to do with the team, it was obviously directly correlated to the death of Julius Caesar and the Ides of March. Or at least that's what Jack Edwards was rambling about during last night's broadcast.

Sounds about right. Okay, no really though. Here's what going on in Boston ...

So it seems the wheels have finally fallen off. Bad bounces, weak calls, injuries, call it what you'd like but the fact of the matter is this: the Bruins have now last four straight. What was once a vice grip on the Northeast conference is now clinging on by a thread.

The Bruins have lost four straight, and last night with their win over 2-1 overtime win over Montreal, the Ottawa Senators took over first place in the Northeast Division. Welcome to seventh place, Bruins. Hope you enjoy the view.

It's weird trying to analyze this matchup. The Bruins have obviously handled the Flyers of late -- dating back to last playoffs and for much of this season. The Flyers won on opening night in Boston back in September, but the Bruins have scored 12 goals against the Flyers in two games since. Today's game will close out the season series.

Boston's played the Flyers tough, but the only thing that really matters is how the teams are playing now. It's pretty obvious that the Flyers have been playing pretty solid hockey of late -- some of the best full-team performances of the year have been put together over the last few games -- and it's even more obvious that Boston is playing like utter crap.

We won't try to predict it, but keep the current performance of each team in context when watching this one. The Flyers might be playing like the Flyers we think they can be, but the Bruins certainly are not doing the same.

Ilya Bryzgalov will be in goal for the Flyers. Tim Thomas will probably be in goal for the Bruins. Game thread at 12 p.m., CSN locally, NESN in Boston, NHL Network across the country.