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Andrej Meszaros to have back surgery

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UPDATE: The Flyers have clarified the report below, noting that the surgery is to remove a "small bone fragment." He'll go under the knife on Wednesday and will miss 6-to-8 weeks, according to the team. Six weeks from Wednesday is May 2; eight weeks is May 16.

This could be bad.

The Flyers announced this afternoon that there's no change in Meszaros' status, but you can make fun of Howard Eskin all you want (and we have) -- he's usually pretty darn reputable about this stuff.

I'm not gonna pretend to know anything about a herniated disc and the recovery time after surgery, but given that it's March 19 and there are 10 games left in the regular season, I can't say I'd be optimistic about potential return this year. I guess it all depends on how deep the team goes in the playoffs?

Let's just hope for the best. We know how important having a deep blue line is in the postseason.