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Timonen happy for milestone, moving on from Pronger


This is the translated transcript of the Finnish video interview that Kimmo Timonen gave to after last night's game vs Islanders.

On reaching 500 NHL points:

"When you think about where I started, the Kings drafted me in 1993 and they told me that it looks like you're too small to play in this league. I have to admit that only a couple of people in the hockey world believed that I could play in the NHL. Nashville GM David Poile was one of them."

"That's where I started in 1998 and I have 14 years behind me now, so I've come a long way. Considering where I started I'm pretty happy about where I am now."

On Pronger's absence being a reason to Flyers' inconsistent play:

"Pronger has been away for a long time now and I don't even want to go back to that subject anymore. This team has moved on. He's not coming back and that's it. This team is not talking about him anymore."

"It could be one of the reasons, but we won't hide behind it. Every team has bad stretches and this has been ours. We've been in a rollercoaster of good games and bad games and we've been bad in the beginning of the games."

"But we have 19 games ahead of us and everything is in our own hands, being in the playoff picture. We just need to go one win at a time towards the end of the season."

On trade deadline being a distraction:

"Well, of course, it doesn't matter who you are, it's our life. You have to think about families and children if you get moved. It effects on every player's life, those few days. But usually you know a few days earlier if something is going to happen. In the worst case you don't know, but usually you get some sort of info at some point, whether it's from your agent or the organization that wants to trade you lets you know about trade talks involving you."

"Of course every player is following the trade buzz and everyone is interested in knowing what is happening around the league. And like I said, from my personal point of view, these things also include wives/girlfriends, children, houses and everything, so it's just natural that the players are interested in hearing about it."