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Animated GIF bracket: HOCKEY MASSACRE needs your votes

This is serious business. Over at, the distinguished Jon Bois has been running a GIF bracket, trying to determine which animated sports GIF is the greatest of all time. We're in the Elite 8 now, and it truly is a heavy weight matchup between the hilarious MORTIFIED MICHIGAN PUNTER and the million-times-better HOCKEY MASSACRE.


This is not a battle between good and evil. Both competitors are fine warriors, and both shall be commended regardless of the ultimate outcome. But only one can survive. HOCKEY MASSACRE is our child, the only remaining member of our tribe. We cannot allow our tribe to be voted out of existence.

Right now, this vote is on the see-saw. HOCKEY MASSACRE took the early lead -- as it rightfully should have -- before those meddling college football fans got in the way, trying to pillage our small village. This is now war.

After a call-to-action from the venerable and righteous Greg Wyshynski of Puck Daddy, HOCKEY MASSACRE has once again taken the lead, but we are not yet out of the woods. Your help is needed. Together, we can survive and live to fight another day.

Vote HOCKEY MASSACRE. Right now.