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Cal Heeter, Ohio State goaltender, signed by Philadelphia Flyers


The Philadelphia Flyers announced this evening that they've signed Ohio State goaltender Cal Heeter to a two-year contract. It goes into effect at the beginning of the 2012-13 season, and financial terms weren't immediately made available because the Flyers think we're somehow not going to find out anyway. Oh, we will. We will. UPDATE: CSN reports it's worth $1.85 million, or $925,000 per season.

Heeter, 23, just finished up his collegiate career with the Buckeyes. College free agency officially opens on March 1, but players cannot sign until they are done with their college careers. Heeter's senior season ended on Saturday as the Buckeyes were swept out of the first round of the CCHA Tournament by Notre Dame.

Collegiate stats aren't exactly comprehensive, especially when it comes to goaltenders, but Heeter was the CCHA Goalie of the Week five times in his career, so there's something. He compiled a .918 in 32 games with the Buckeyes this season.

We'll work on getting a scouting report from somebody who's watched Heeter throughout his college career and report back, but yet again, Paul Holmgren is showing that he's likely to be active in the college free agency market this year.

In the meantime, if you're thinking this is somehow related to the Flyers, it's probably not. It could wind up impacting the Flyers, obviously, but look no further than the summer status of Michael Leighton and Jason Bacashihua in Adirondack when trying to gauge this signing. Both are unrestricted free agents this summer, and you don't really think Leighton is resigning here, do you?