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Niklas Kronwall won't be suspended for Jake Voracek hit

I'm still not sure how I feel about this hit, but according to TSN's Bob McKenzie, Niklas Kronwall won't be suspended for blasting Jakub Voracek into next week. Or next month. Or next season. Guess that all depends on when he's ready to come back to the lineup. The Flyers said after the game last night that he received stitches all around his mouth, and that sounds absolutely brutal.

Since I can't seem to formulate my opinion on this one properly, I'll direct you to a good piece written by Dave Strehle over at SB Nation Philly this morning regarding the ambiguity of Rule 48.

There is a multitude of grey areas associated with the laws surrounding "illegal checks to the head", and it seems a rare situation where any player will not have been deemed to have placed himself in a vulnerable position when injured.


It seems without further clarification and player education, the wheels of progress regarding the issue will be stuck in a perpetual spin cycle, as numerous players continue to fall prey to the affliction.

What do you think? Brendan Shanahan won't be taking action here. Do you agree or disagree?