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ECQF Game 2: Flyers score EIGHT GOALS, take 2-0 series lead over Penguins

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Eastern Quarterfinals, Game 2 -- Flyers lead series, 2-0
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Holy crap the Flyers just scored eight goals against the Penguins in the playoffs. That kid Sean Couturier scored more goals than he has teeth. X marked the spot three times as well. It. Was. Awesome. So was this.

To be more specific, the Flyers did that whole thing where they start off losing but then eventually win. It's an exasperating way to win hockey game, but it's the W that counts.

Bullets, yo:

  • Last game (the bad part of it that involved losing) looked to be repeating itself early on, with Sidney Crosby scoring before the game officially began (i.e. before I finished assembling my burrito). Chris Kunitz scored as well before the ten-minute mark and again Peter Laviolette had to burn a timeout in the first period. The man burns them slow and perfectly though, like a marshmallow the perfect shade of golden brown, like a tall glass of Canada Dry ginger ale on a Sunday afternoon in August, like more similes about warm weather niceness.
  • Obviously the timeout worked. Max Talbot fertilized the flower (read: pooped on him) to give the Flyers their first first period goal of the series. By the end of the second period the Flyers were tied 4-4 and life was awesome and the Penguins were all "oh here shit goes again..." The Flyers had scored 2 shorthanded goals en route. It was awesome.
  • Loveable gap-toothed seahorse Sean Couturier had tied the game at 4-4, and then tied it again at 5-5 after Bryzgalov gave up his first bad goal of the season to Hampton J. Pig.
  • Philly got its first lead OF THE SERIES a goal later when Jaromir Jagr scored with the hockey equivalent of a roundhouse kick to the groin with a spin-o-rama past the quickly wilting flower. Two more later, the Flyers had scored eight goals (one for each member of the Brady Bunch who wasn't a hired employee of the family). Eight goals. In Pittsburgh. In the playoffs. Think about that for a while. Then giggle.
  • Even though this is all super nice, taking both games on the road, the Flyers haven't won this series yet. Lot to be done still, boys. That said, let's get way ahead of ourselves for the next 48 hours. No reason not to.
  • Nice things happen to Flyer rookies in Pittsburgh. After Brayden Schenn's big Game 1, Sean Couturier (who that Briere kid mocked for his enormous head, let's remember) got a friggin' hattrick. It was the Flyers first rookie hattrick in the playoffs since the glorious Andy Delmore scored one against these very same penguins in 2000.
  • So, Pittsburgh could have hosted its last hockey game of the season tonight. Their season could end Wednesday. Think about that for a while. Then giggle yet again.
  • Questions with Answers

    1. Can the Flyers continue to shut down Malkin and Crosby? Again, yes to Malkin, no to Crosby.
    2. Can the Giroux line win the battle against Jordan Staal's line tonight? Claude Giroux was the bestest thing on the ice. Jordan Staal was not.
    3. Pavel Kubina tags in. What's the impact? He's slow, and clumsy, but luckily it didn't cost the Flyboys at all. Would like to see Gus get a shot.
    4. Pittsburgh's power play: Does it still suck? And the Flyers penalty kill: Still awesome? Pens went 2 for 4, but gave up two shorthanded goals. Advantage Flyers.
    Comment of the Night

    Broad Street Hockey. Covering the Philadelphia Flyers. We can score more in 40 minutes than you can in 60.

    >> The Dark

    2 down, 14 to go. OH MY GOD THIS IS HAPPENING.

    Go Flyers.