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ECQF Game 5: Flyers take another strike; Full count

Wellwood. Because why not.
Wellwood. Because why not.

For the first time in what seems like forever, the Flyers and Penguins played a hockey game. Like a real hockey game. With defense and goaltending and stuff.

Real hockey wasn't all it was cracked up to be.

  • Previously the team that scored first was 0-4 in this series. The Flyers decided to score first all the same, and [SPOILER] it didn't work out for them. The Flyers were up 2-1 after one but couldn't extend their lead. Which proved costly.
  • In the second, the Flyers weren't really anywhere to be found, and the Penguins invited themselves back into the game. Possession was completely theirs for most of the second and the Flyers only got five shots, none of which were great, and the Flyers trailed 3-2.
  • Game on the line in the third, Flyers played great, and controlled play and outgrinded the Penguins completely, work which should have earned them more power plays than it did (really Orpik?). But morale victories in one period don't matter, and the Flyers failed to score and lost.
  • Gardeners all know what happens when poop is dumped in a garden: Flower blossoms. After three bad games and a bad first period of Game 4, Marc-Andre Fleury has finally come to life, and hasn't given up an even strength goal since.
  • It no longer matters that it was once 3-0 in this series. Now it's just 3-2, like all the other East series will be after they play their Game 5s. If the Flyers play with the urgency they showed in the third, that same urgency that was nowhere to be found in the second, they should be fine. This team still has the lead, and the Penguins still can't afford to lose Game 6 while the Flyers can. You'd rather be the Flyers than the Penguins at this point. Keep telling yourself that.
  • Everything's happening Sunday at noon, folks. Everything. Bring spare underwear to your local viewing party--you're gonna need it either way.

After the jump, questions answered and a comment of the night.

Questions with Answers

  1. A calmer game than we've seen in the first four? Yes. Not great.
  2. Bryzgalov question. Good.
  3. Fleury question. Really good.
  4. How does the Flyers defense look without Nicklas Grossmann? Erik Gustafsson was amazing. Super, super amazing. Lilja-Kubina less so. They stink. Play Wolf.

Comment of the Night

Evidently you can't touch a goalie in his crease, but you can legally cavity search JVR.

>> @wyshynski

Still 3 down, still 13 to go. Don't freak out folks. Everything's gonna be just fine. Go Flyers.